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  • My objective is to grow my career in information technology. Specifically, I'm interested in GNU/Linux Systems Administration.


  • CoreProc, Inc. (August 2020-present)
    Systems Administrator
    -Monitor and ensure 24x7 availability of productions servers (such as LEMP servers and MySQL servers) and services (such as OpenVPN, Jenkins, iRedAdmin, and Zabbix)
    -Configure live, staging, and development servers and environments
    -Proactively escalate concerned departments of possible server and live service problems
    -Perform live application first level support
    -Coordinate with other departments for troubleshooting and problem escalation
    -Do database backups and restores
    -Develop and perform disaster recovery processes of data
    -Implemented Jenkins in order to improve development processes
    -Basic usage of Github
  • CenturyLink Technology Singapore PTE LTD (June 2019-February 2020)
    Senior IT Engineer
    -Responsible for support and administration of all Unix Application activities. This includes planning, coordination, and implementation of all changes in Unix Application(GNU/Linux, Tomcat, Apache, PHP, etc.) including performance and tuning analysis, capacity planning, systems support and planning, application support, and software upgrades.
    -Review, approve and execute change requests to ensure successful change management.
    -Troubleshoot systems and network incidents to provide maximum availability and optimal Mean Time To Repair.
    -Responsible for ensuring positive customer relationship.
    -Ensure Operations Center has all documentation necessary to understand and support their clients.
  • Key Discovery Consulting, Inc. (July 2017-March 2019)
    IT/System Administrator
    -Select, procure, and setup suitable IT hardware such as routers, switches, rack mounted NAS, DVR, and IP cameras
    -Provide technical advice
    -Provide systems such as network traffic monitoring tools(ntop-ng and iftop), backup, KVM virtualization, Squid proxy, Nagios, Hesk ticketing system for IT team, etc.
  • CenturyLink Singapore Pte Ltd (formerly Savvis Singapore Co Pte Ltd), Singapore (December 2012-April 2017)
    Web Applications Engineer
    -Among the technologies I handle here are Apache, PHP, and Tomcat.
  • Linkwise Technology PTE LTD, Singapore (March 2012-December 2012)
    Systems Engineer (Computer)
    -setup Fedora-based servers/systems known as Facility Monitoring Servers (FMS's) and FAMPs to the company
    -researched on OpenVZ should the company opt to run multiple FMS's in one machine
    -setup Nagios with XMPP and e-mail notification for the monitoring of company handled servers
    -troubleshoot and optimize further the existing servers handled by the company
  • ProV International (August 2011-February 2012)
    IT Operations Engineer
    -Tier 1 and 2 monitoring and troubleshooting of Glassfish and Terracotta servers
    -Monitor and troubleshoot mostly Ubuntu Server setups
    -Configure Zabbix
    -Logs analysis via Splunk; make regular expressions intensive reports in Splunk
    -make Perl shell scripts when useful
    -monitor VPN and internet routes, and raise an alarm when a fail-over is needed
    -assist on server setups when needed
  • LWS Media, Inc.
    System Administrator (February 2010-July 2011)
    -setting up, maintaining, and monitoring of filtering (with NCSA authentication) and highly anonymous Squid proxies; created a Perl script to automatically update Squid blacklists
    -setup and maintain Openfire for internal instant messaging; I used Jetty for serving Openfire
    -setup, optimize, and maintain Apache servers for the development and production of clients' websites and/or Open Source web solutions; setup virtual hosts and SSL certificates in Apache
    -setup and maintain Varnish for reverse proxies
    -troubleshoot LAMP driven websites
    -provide support for LAMP developers (I can program procedural PHP, and I have a working knowledge of MySQL)
    -setup and maintain Subversion for the developers
    -setup, maintain and optimize MySQL
    -does procedural PHP development when asked
    -setup, maintain, and secure VSFTPD
    -setup, maintain and secure SSH
    -setup, maintain and do some development work in ResourceSpace for the Digital Assets Management needs of the company
    -setup, maintain and secure minimal CentOS servers(these are secured for the specific tasks they are needed for)
    -setup and maitain Nagios for network and services monitoring; setup and maintain SMS notifications from Nagios
    -setup and maintain Samba for the share file systems need of the company
    -setup and maintain a Bind caching nameserver for the internal Squid filtering proxy
    -shell scripting via Perl
    -DNS configuration for domains
    -firewall configuration in CentOS dedicated and VPS servers (this include port blocking/filterning, Network Address Translation, port forwarding)
    -used virtualization for testing
    -setting up web based open source applications
    -maintaining and setting up VPSes
    -assist developers in their needs that are related to servers
    -install Symantec Anti-virus for Linux real-time scanning in CentOS servers when ideal (such as Samba shares)
    -make shell scripts for an automated way of auditing images in websites for copyrights conformity
    -configure and maintain 3rd party Windows servers (mostly IIS related tasks)
    -simple setup, and maintenance of Sendmail
    -setup private or public networking on servers
    -setup, maintain, secure, and use lighttpd when ideal, and when machines are available (for instance, some ResourceSpace installations were served by lighttpd)
    -setup software RAID-1 and LVM
  • LWS Media, Inc.
    PHP developer (October 2009-February 2010)
    -data mining jobs that are regular expressions and xpaths intensive
    -create a CLI PHP script for producing CSV reports
  • Druid Solutions, Inc.
    Junior PHP programmer (April 2009-October 2009)
    -develop a CakePHP based SMS solution for groups and individuals
    -deployed CentOS and SMS Server Tools for an SMS gateway on a physical server
    -help develop CLI PHP scripts for the SMS services of the company
  • OJT: September 2008-January 2009: UP Computer Center
    Computerized Registrar System development team OJT
    -Assisted in the development of PHP driven websites for streamlining operations in UP Diliman
  • 1999-present: University Vicars Petron Servicenter, Q.C.
    -Developed, maintained, and administered a MS Access database solution for the accounts of the family business
    -migrated the MS Access database for accounts to LAMP; I also maintain and administer this currently
  • 2001-present: Markgas Centrum, Cubao, Q.C.
    -developed, maintains, and administers of a MS Access database solution for the accounts, inventory, and payroll of the family business.


  • August 2005-January 2009: Informatics International College, Quezon City: BS Computer Science


  • January 2005-May 2005: Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology: Certificate of Attendance for Total Linux course
  • 2018: Rivan School of Technology, Inc.: Cisco Certified Network Associate with CompTIA A+ Training(Certificate of Completion)
  • 2020: acloud.guru: AWS Certifified Solutions Architect - Associate 2018 Online Trainingi(Record of Completion)


  • Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Award
    Isssued by Maxine Moreau, EVP Global Operations, Centurylink
    Apr 2016
    I was given this award for fulfilling a task required by our P&G client that required Perl shell scripting. In our team, I'm the only one who has sufficient Perl shell scripting skills for this task. Without the Perl scripts I made, the task will take an enormous amount of time and effort. Also, human error will be more likely without the Perl scripts I made.
  • Most Valuable Team Player Award for FY16 Q2
    Issued by Gery Messer, Managing Director, APAC, Centurylink
    Jul 2016
    In addition to the STAR award I received for the Perl scripts I made for a P&G client task, I was also given this award for the same task.
  • Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Academics and Leadership Awardee


  • the use and administration of Linux distributions (especially Slackware Linux, CentOS, Zenwalk, Slax, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, and Fedora Core)
  • setup and administration of CentOS, Squid, Openfire, Apache, Varnish, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Subversion, VSFTPD, OpenSSH, ResourceSpace, Nagios, Samba, Bind, iptables, lighttpd, and Sendmail
  • basic Perl shell scripting
  • PHP procedural programming
  • VPS management and administration
  • HTML and CSS coding
  • extensive use of the Command Line Interface
  • usage of the vi text editor
  • upgrading, assembly, troubleshooting, and repair of IBM compatible personal computers
  • setting up software RAID-1 and LVM in Linux
  • remote administration of servers via SSH
  • setup Open Source web solutions such as Wordpress, OpenCart, Drupal, Zend Framework
  • setup CentOS on physical servers

Speaking engagements

  • Software Freedom Day '08 in the National Computer Center(Robotics using Slackware Linux, stepper motors, and GCC)
  • Software Freedom Day '09 in the National Computer Center(Serial programming using GCC)
  • STI Cubao, February 2010 (FOSS and robotics)
  • QCPU, February 2010 (FOSS, robotics, and the Arduino microcontroller)

Media presence

  • Convergence program of Net25 where my mobile robot was featured in September 2008
  • Quoted in the December 2008-January 2009 issue of Computer World Philippines magazine


No current certifications.